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Follow the links to see the handicaps and performance data for the yachts racing on the Forth. Note that only the active yachts' data is published. Yachts are considered to be actively racing on the Forth if they appear in the results returned to the FYCA by the member clubs within the last 3 year or have recently been allocated a handicap.

The handicaps are always shown as "with spinnaker". Yachts sailing in restricted sail classes may claim a 4% allowance. For example a Salty Dog is shown with a handicap of 1131 may use 1176 when racing wihtout a spinnaker. This does not apply to one-design yachts who shall comply with their one-design rules.

Handicaps shown with a trial number (TN) status are provisional. These will be re-assesses and if necessary adjusted by the handicap committee after 6 assessable race results have been provided.

The regular crew number has been provided. This is intended to be used to assess if a yacht complies with Restricted Sail option of racing short handed(see FIG sailing instructions). The crew number has no bearing on yachts racing with spinnakers or yachts racing under the Restricted Sail option for reasons other than short handed crew.

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FYCA Handicaps - Division 1

Issue date: 27-September-2018, 16:02

Yacht Name Class Owner Club FYCA
Status No Spi
Propeller Keel Crew
1133C 50:52 Albin Express (F+OB) Grant Blair/David Bennie DSC 949 CN 987 Outboard Fin  
GBR3509L Apache Rustler 33 George & Fiona Brown RFYC 912 CN 948 2 Blade Folding Fin 8
GBR4580 Brave Sigma 33 Stewart Shearer FCYC 940 CN 978 2 Blade Folding Fin  
GBR7115N Cacciatore Hunter 707 Stewart Robertson RFYC 926 CN 963 Outboard Fin 5
GBR7113N Chaos Hunter 707 Charles Simpson   922 CN 959 Outboard Fin 5
GBR7031N Code Z Hunter 707 Andrew Marshall DBSC 927 CN 964 Outboard Fin 5
GBR5860R Dragonfly Dehler 32 Andrew Downie PEYC 868 TN 903 2 Blade Folding Bulb  
GBR9585 Eclipse Hunter Impala Colin Dunnet FCYC 967 CN 1006 2 Blade Folding Fin  
GBR3667L Elsa Elan 320 Geoff Bowerman PEYC 864 TN 899 2 Blade Folding Fin  
GBR2649R Erin Sun Odyssey 49 Performance John Murphy PEYC 796 CN 828 Feathering Fin  
GBR8273T EuRoBo Ronautica RO330 (F+IBF) Doug Ross PEYC 916 CN 953 3 Blade Folding Fin  
GBR8560R Firestarter Bavaria 35 Match Jonathon Marks/Lindsay Doig/Ian Munro PEYC 837 TN 870 3 Blade Folding Fin  
GBR6423T Flint 2 J-80 Howard Dryden PEYC 873 CN 908 Outboard Fin  
GBR7349 Hardslog X 332 (F+IBF) Ian Hards PEYC 859 CN 893 2 Blade Folding Fin 8
GBR2705R HenceForth Corby 29 (F+IBF) Phil Walter PEYC 858 CN 892 2 Blade Folding Bulb 7
GBR7098N Jalapeno Hunter 707 Steve Gush PEYC 943 CN 981 Outboard Fin 5
GBR4623L Jota J-92s Chic & Nicky Medley PEYC 842 CN 876 2 Blade Folding Bulb  
GBR1408 Last Chance J-80 Geoff Bowerman PEYC 873 CN 908 Outboard Fin 4
GBR4757R Moonstruck Too J-122 Gordon Lawson PEYC 766 CN 797 2 Blade Folding Bulb 10
GBR7623R Pink Gin Projection 762 Duncan Small PEYC 890 CN 926 Outboard Fin  
GBR2474 Rosco First 27.7 (F+IBF) Douglas MacDowall PEYC 930 CN 967 2 Blade Folding Fin  
GBR7060N Seaword Hunter 707 Dara O'Brian PEYC 938 CN 976 Outboard Fin 5
3002C Shoki First 30 ES (F+IBF) Jock McDougall PEYC 922 CN 959 2 Blade Folding Fin 7
GBR6666 Smij of Antrim Hustler SJ 30 (F+IBF) Frank Martin RFYC 959 CN 997 2 Blade Folding    
GBR4311 Suspicion Sigma 33 David Gardiner PEYC 938 CN 976 2 Blade Folding Fin 7
GBR7070N Synchro Hunter 707 Bruce Macdonald/Denis Garrity PEYC 946 CN 984 Outboard Fin 5
GBR7023N Tallulah Hunter 707 Simon Peakman RFYC 937 CN 974 Outboard Fin 5
GBR3736L The Black Prince J-97e Terry and David Kirchin PEYC 837 CN 870 2 Blade Folding Bulb 8
GBR1050 The Frumious Bandersnatch J-70 Richard Heaton/Ben Conley/Hamish Matherson PEYC 880 CN 915 Outboard Lifting  
GBR2020T Vision SJ320 Jonathan Livesey   893 TN 929 2 Blade Folding Fin 7
GBR6445T Wild Horse Mustang 30 Simon Bryant PEYC 936 CN 973 2 Blade Folding Bulb  
GBR3846L Yesnaby Dufour 405 Bill Blyth PEYC 862 CN 896 2 Blade Folding Bulb  

The handicaps are shown for the yacht sailing with full set of sails. Yachts sailing without spinnakers and racing against other yachts using a spinnaker may use the 'No Spi' handicap if the sailing instructions allow.

FYCA Division 1 Handicaps FYCA Division 1 Performance FYCA Division 1 Progressive
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