Stirling City has just completed the installation of a landing pontoon at the Old Town Harbour, just downstream of the footbridge to Cambuskenneth Abbey, not far from the rail station. The opening ceremony is due on 18th November at 12.00 noon and all boaters ashore or afloat will be most welcome. Overhead clearance under the Upper Tayloton road bridge (the A 91) is just 3.5m above HAT, about 5.0m on the day, so final approach may need to be by folding rig or dinghy. Tides above Alloa are affected by river flow and the lecky “double high”, Leith + 45mins is about right, leave Stirling on the first high to ensure maximum depth round the Windings of the Forth on departure. Approach is governed by the rising tide from Kincardine onwards, simply watching your draft and local depth in the main channel, central on the straights and 2/3 outward on the bends seems to work. A, historically and scenically remarkable journey on the right day; to be avoided following heavy rain!

Andy Carnduff