History and Constitutional Aims (See also The Scope of the FYCA)

Forth Yacht Clubs Association was formed in 1969 by the clubs in the Forth area to coordinate activities, represent their interests and further the interests of sailing in the Forth area. The burgee adopted for the association depicts the river as it narrows at the Forth Rail and Road bridges.
Member Clubs cover the entire Forth area, their interests vary widely, and it is the aim of the Association to offer as broad a support framework as possible. Major initiatives over the years have included the initiation of the FIG and FOG series in 1973, the publication of the first Pilot Book in 1974 and the establishment, in conjunction with Tay and North East England clubs, of East Coast Sailing Week in 1987. The major work of the association is, however, in relation to its representative and co-ordination roles, which are ongoing.
The association represents the member clubs in matters relating to the sport of sailing by liaising with other bodies in matters concerning the organisation of the sport, the environment, shipping, coastal protection and safety and to that end has a formal committee position with RYA (Scotland), British Waterways, CYCC and Forth Forum. Other representation to Forth Ports, Forth Navigation, HM Coastguard and RNLI is on a more informal basis as is representation to various other bodies that may have an effect on sailing in our area from time to time. Co-ordination consists mainly of racing matters, both cruisers and dinghies,
and includes the organisation of various racing series, the compilation of an events programme for the area and the maintenance of a local handicapping system.
The activities of FYCA have grown over the years and the duties of the executive committee have similarly expanded. To cover these, often specialist activities, it has often been necessary to seek expertise out with the committee and FYCA has been fortunate in being able to co-opt very able experts from our member clubs from time to time.
The FYCA organises East Coast Sailing Week on behalf of its members when the event is held on the Forth. In Feb 2014 the Association agreed with the Tay and NE England representatives that ECSW will shift from a 3-year cycle to a 2/4-year one, returning to the Forth every second year and alternating between the other areas on the intermediate years. This will start in 2015 and the format of this event is described in more detail in the Sailing Section.