1. Sailing Instructions and Events
    Sailing Instructions for each race are issued by the organising club.
    The FIG Series consists of 6 events for Division 1 and Division 2 as shown in the Fixtures.
    There will be 2 divisions in the Series with handicap split :- Division 1< 975 Division 2>= 975* and will be based on handicaps issued by the FYCA in the current year.
    The handicap split may be altered at the discretion of the FYCA Committee.
  2. Eligibility
    The FIG Series is open to all yachts whose owners are members of FYCA affiliated clubs.
    Entry is automatic as soon as a yacht enters a FIG event.
    Yachts must have a valid FYCA Handicap as shown in the FYCA Handicap list.
    Entry to the FIG Series is automatic as soon as a yacht enters a FIG event.
    Race entry forms and fees must be submitted to Host Clubs. A printable entry form can be downloaded here.
  3. Scoring
    Each boat’s Series score will be the sum of her best 4 scores in the Series. This amends rule A2.
    The RRS Low Point Scoring System shall be used, rule A4.
    The FIG Series shall be scored as a series longer than a regatta, rule A9 applies.
    Four races must be completed for the Series to be valid. (Subject to review by the FYCA).