Results Calculation.
The FYCA has produced a spreadsheet that will allow race officers to quickly calculate the race results and the relative performance of the yachts. For the race officer it provides a simple way of entering the data and checking on the performance of the yachts without having to understand the mathematics behind it.
This spread sheet may be loaded from here (FYCA_YR2C.xls). Instructions for its use are included within the spreadsheet. Please ensure that yachts claiming the restricted sail allowance are clearly identified.
Progressive Handicaps
The FYCA Progressive Handicap Systems relies on returns from the clubs to assess the performance of their racing yachts. The handicaps are updated twice per year. A request is sent to the sailing secretaries requesting the result information.
The preferred means of receiving the results is by sending in copies of the completed FYCA_YR2C spreadsheet. The information on this can be directly imported into the performance database. These can be emailed to
For clubs using a different means of calculating their results they are advised to contact the handicap committee ( to discuss the best way to provide the race results.