1. Sailing Instructions and Events
    Sailing Instructions for each qualifying event are issued by the organising club.
    The Forth Yacht Championship consists of the events listed in the qualifying regattas
  2. Eligibility
    The Forth Yacht Championship is open to all yachts whose owners are members of FYCA affiliated clubs.
    Yachts must have a valid FYCA Handicap as shown in the FYCA Handicap List.
    Entry will be by participation in any one of the qualifying regattas.
  3. Results
    Results will be as provided by the organising clubs and for the purposes of this series FYCA will take no view regarding class limits, handicaps used or any matter pertaining to the regatta organisation or calculation of results.
    It is the responsibility of member clubs to provide regatta results to the FYCA. This should be within two weeks of the regatta and must include adequate information to identify each competing yacht. Failure to produce satisfactory results may result in exclusion of the regatta from the year’s series.
    Regatta series interim and final results will be published on the FYCA web site at www.fyca.org.uk. This will be in the form of a listing of all qualifying yachts with as much results detail as is practical.
  4. Scoring
    Each boat’s Series score will be the sum of her best 3 scores in the Championship. This amends rule A2.
    The RRS Low Point Scoring System shall be used, rule A4.
    A series tie shall be broken using rule A8.1. If a tie remains an amended rule A8.2 shall be applied using only events where two or more of the tied yachts competed. If a tie still remains this shall be broken in favour of the boat(s) that have finished ahead of the larger number of yachts in their counting events. For the purposes of this rule only yachts that have correctly started at least one race within the qualifying regatta shall be counted.
    Any yacht not featuring in the results or not correctly starting at least one race of a qualifying regatta will be scored as DNC and awarded 20 points. This value will be reviewed at the end of the series. Rule A9 does not apply.
    Yachts will score their finish place within their entered class for each regatta (including non spinnaker classes).