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Forth Yacht Clubs Association


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RFYC/FCYC Inchkeith/Rankine TrophyFIG
SI available

PEYC Bosuns Locker and Queen Margaret FIG
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24 MARCH 2017
Summary from Paul Shave -

Race Calendar Update Released
Available in the Racing section

New FYCA Handicap Tables Released
Available in the Handicap section

FIG 2016 Results

Available here

Forth & Clyde Canal Emergency Closure
27th Sept till Friday 7th Oct 2016.

Scottish Canals advise that the repairs to the Bonnybridge lifting roadbridge were completed successfully on time.

The canal access times now revert to the published 7-day working with 4-day (weekend) working West of Maryhill.

There will be two full closures for maintenance during the winter; the dates and updates can be found on Scottish Canals website along with a vast introduction to the canals and activity on them.

Regrettably only about fifty boats made full transit of the F&C this year; but the 16-boat charter fleet, the Seagull Trust and the Forth & Clyde- and Linlithgow Union- Canal Societies between them put over 50,000 passengers out on the canal this year! And there is a resident population of inland cruisers and liveaboards mainly based on the Union canal who campaign actively for improving facilities and navigability, Sure, we yachters must take the mast down and need more depth than the inland boats, but there are good cranes at both sealocks, there is a continuing programme of weed control and now dredging to keep the silt and aquatic vegetation at bay. The time to sail from the Forth to, say, Oban is an achievable 4 days if you work the tides, quicker than the East Coast passage and at a cost much less than trucking or the Caledonian canal. If we sea-going cruisers do not use the F&C it may well revert to a 70-mile-long inland water park, with fascinating old and new structures to attract bus-loads of tourists, suitable for canoes, narrowboats and ducks, but not for cruising yachts. The Gateway to the West needs your participation.

Scottish Canals Important Notice

Due to technical issues with Bonnybridge, the number of openings each day will be restricted to two between 11.00 and 14.00. Our Engineering team are continuing to investigate and rectify the issue and will provide an updates on progress.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Mazzoni and Costello Trophies

Sunday 28th August 2016

Notice of race and SI available here

2016 Handicaps

An important update on handicaps is now available. Details here.

FIG Race Results Summary 2016

Available here

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Kirkintilloch Canal Festival 2016

The Lowland Canals Volunteer Group would like to invite you to participate in the Kirkintilloch Canal Festival which is taking place on 20th and 21st August 2016.

This fun event has been running for many years and is always a good time to catch up with fellow boaters from both sides of the country. We have all enjoyed many social gatherings in the past and so it is time for another.

There will be lots of activities on and off the water for you to enjoy, details of which can be found on the following website

Spaces are limited so please register now by emailing David Paterson at

Race Calendar 2017

The calendar for 2017 has been released and is in available for download on the Racing Page

Crinan and Forth and Clyde Canal Update 2016

Changes to Working on the Crinan and Forth and Clyde Canals have been published.

Details here

Dates for your diary

Forth Inshore Group 2016

Forth Yacht Championship 2016

The Stirling town Quay 15m downstream from the sheet steel piled section has seen a substantial collapse.  A third of the width of the park behind has been washed into the river.  The landward side has been fenced off.  The sheet steel piled section remains accessible and usable,  A fender board is recommended.

One assumes that the rest of the quay will now be sheet steel piled so temporary closure may be on the cards while work is in progress.
(January 2016)

Repairs not started and erosion continuing - 10 Feb 2016

New Discoveries at Cambuskenneth....


Members may like to know that the visitors' berth is now on the east wall on the north side of the bridge. It dries approximately 2 hours each side of HW.

For most visitors this will mean berthing where one can and then moving to the visitors berth when water permits. The deepest water, the first berth one can reach on entry, is below the castle so this berth is busy.

It may be possible to make arrangements to berth temporarily below the castle to make an early departure to carry the flood tide up the Forth.

The new harbour master is Gary Lawson. Bob Clunas has retired.

30 metre high horses heads at Falkirk ... more details here

Preferential Dinghy Hire at Port Edgar for members of FYCA affiliated clubs - details here

Berths and Shore Facilities in Forth Harbours
Anstruther, Aberdour, Burntisland, Forth Corinthians, Port Edgar and Royal Forth Yacht Club have provided details of berthing and shore facilities.  Details are here

East Coast Sailing Festival 2017

Advance Information

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