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Cruising Guide

On the east coast one soon runs out of new places to go. This is a venture to encourage cruising on the Forth,  anchoring off and going ashore by dinghy to explore.  It is intended to build up a collection of this material as a companion to the pilot handbook.

This material may be copied provided all sources are acknowledged.

The disclaimer which applies to the Pilot Handbook also applies to this Guide and is repeated below.

The guide is only available on this web site.



Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this book. However, it contains selected information and thus is not definitive and does not include all known information on the subject in hand and should not be relied on alone for navigational use; this is particularly relevant to plans, which should not be used for navigation. Accordingly, the Association, the authors and publishers hereby formally disclaim any and all liability for any personal injury, loss and/or damage howsoever caused, whereby reason of error, inaccuracy, omission or ambiguity in relation to the contents and/or information contained in this book. They believe that the information they have included is a useful aid-to-navigation, but it should only be used in conjunction with official hydrographic data. The safety of a vessel depends ultimately on the judgement of the navigator, who should assess all data, published and unpublished.

Cruising Tales


Cruising News

Cambuskenneth Abbey

New Discoveries at Cambuskenneth

Stirling Jubilee Cruise report.

New Walkway at Culross Harbour - details here