FYCA Handicap Committee Policy

A primary objective of the FYCA Constitution is to promote the sport of Yachting on the Forth and encouragement of yacht racing is a key element in achieving that objective. The setting of equitable handicaps for competing yachts is critical to provide fair racing in accordance with the RYA Racing Charter. FYCA Constitution paragraph 15 provides for the appointment of a Handicap Committee at the AGM who shall regulate all handicaps for the coming season. These handicaps shall be operative at all fixtures (i.e. open meetings) of Constituent Clubs but shall not necessarily apply to special races. Handicap Committee Policy is set by the FYCA Executive Committee as follows:

Handicap Committee Policy:

  1. The Handicap Committee Chair shall be an elected member of the FYCA Executive Committee. The proposed Chair shall be nominated by the Executive Committee for ratification at the AGM. Although annually elected, the Chair is expected to remain in post for a period of 3 years.
  2. The Handicap Committee shall have 4-6 members, in addition to the Chair, annually appointed by invitation of the Executive Committee. Pivotally a Data Handler will support the Handicap Committee, supplying updates on Returns and Handicap lists with recommended handicap movement recommendations calculated with the FYCA algorithm evolving from the previous handicap committee inputs. Members are expected to be actively involved in yacht racing or race management on the Forth. Members shall represent racing across the FYCA handicap range, proportionate to racing activity.
  3. The Handicap Committee shall maintain and publish on the FYCA web site the Handicapping Policy to explain the rationale governing the setting of FYCA yacht handicaps. The policy shall be reviewed annually, updated as necessary, and be available by the FYCA Spring Delegates Meeting.
  4. The Handicap Committee shall maintain and publish on the FYCA web site a list of yachts and handicaps, including data on key features that affect performance. An annual review shall be held to consider appropriate changes and an updated list shall be available by the start of the racing season.
  5. The Handicap Committee shall maintain and publish on the FYCA web site a Yacht Performance Summary, updated twice-annually with results from FYCA open events and club racing. The statistical analysis of this data, including due allowance for estimated Crew Skill Factor, is expected to be a cornerstone of the annual reviews.
  6. The Handicap Committee shall normally deal directly only with club sailing secretaries concerning new handicap requests, configuration changes and appeals. The Handicap Committee shall be the final arbiter on FYCA handicaps.

FYCA Executive Committee April 2019