Handicap Policy

The FYCA Handicap policy is designed to encourage fair and equitable yacht racing on the Forth. It is realised that other handicap schemes could be used but there is often considerable effort and cost to obtain and keep valid such handicap. To maximise the participation on the Forth the FYCA Progressive Handicap scheme is managed by the FYCA Handicap Committee using data supplied by the clubs.
The policy agreed by FYCA member clubs is that all FYCA open yacht racing results shall be calculated with numbers from the FYCA Progressive Handicap system. This was presented to the FYCA membership in autumn 2015 and adopted at the spring delegates meeting in 2016.
The FYCA Handicap Committee shall publish a list of racing yachts on the Forth with appropriate handicap values and corresponding status for use in open events. The handicaps shall be updated twice a year to include the latest performance data returned by the clubs. The Handicap Committee shall consider the performance data from races, submissions from member clubs and data from other relevant sources when it reviews yacht base handicaps.
The current FYCA Handicap members shall be listed on the FYCA web site.
The list of active yacht handicaps shall be maintained and updated on the FYCA web site.
The process for applying for a new handicap or appealing an existing one shall be published on the FYCA web site.
The FYCA Handicap Committee shall explain the rationale for any new or changed handicap, giving a brief description against each change or addition, and highlighting these on each update of the FYCA handicap list.
The FYCA Handicap list shall only be altered with the sanction of the FYCA Handicap Committee.
The FYCA Handicap Committee shall maintain a database of yachts, their configuration, assigned handicap, race results and achieved performance.

FYCA Handicap Committee, June 2019